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Anyone going to any gigs in the near future?


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Mark Knopfler on 18th May in Newcastle :)

 class. saw him just last week at the Bobby Robson night at the Sage, he did 2 songs and stole the show.

wow! didn't realise there were (possibly) more Geordies on here :D


Is the Bobby Robson concert on Youtube?

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Muse at the Ricoh arena in may The stone roses at finsbury park in June Bruce Springsteen also at the Ricoh in June


I'm going to Muse at the Ricoh also Chris :)  Was thinking of Bruce as well!

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Saw my first ever U2 tribute band (2U) http://notu2.com/ last month w/ some forum friends from @U2. Had tons of fun and 2u were very good! The lead definitely had Bono's nuances and inflections down pat and The Edge had some terrific riffs while Adam was quite the lady's man. Possibly going to see them again next Wednesday night.


Taylor Swift in May w/ my girls and their friends - unless someone needs a ticket and I'll gladly give mine. 


Saw The Killers in December for the first time. Not bad at all, but the crowd wasn't into it as much as my daughter and I, so not a top 10 experience...


Eyeing some upcoming concerts - Metric, Airborne Toxic Event, Joy Formidable - not sure kiddos' sport schedules will allow.


Really wanted to go see Muse in NYC next month, but can't squeeze it in the sports and entertainment budget.

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