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Who likes Get On Your Boots like me ?

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Scott Montes wrote:

Yes...you are getting old....you seem to want the same sound all the time. That has never been U2.

I'm 26, i guess younger that most U2 fans!!!


I appreciate what you mean... but it's not about the same sound - I love Joshua Tree as much as Achtung Baby - I just wish Bono put as much soul andmeaning (and thought) into every song. NLOTH is such a good album - but personally I'd have left out Boots and Stand Up Comedy - which I'd call"cheesy" for want of a better word!


Example - my favourite U2 songs are One, Bad, Running To Stand Still, Streets, New Years Day and Stay.

Least favourite - Boots, Some Days Are..., Daddy's Gonna Pay, Elevation (i know that makes me odd)


So you can tell what sort of U2 I like best - the "mature, intelligent" songs. I dunno, maybe I'm a pretentious snob!

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I guess Ive never heard anyone laugh at U2.....if they do..they have no clue!!


My Nieces are 12 and 8....and they love Vertigo and Boots. They love the songs because they "Rock!" It seems like noone wants U2 to really rock anymore. I think this has to do with an aging fan base, who like to keep it more mellow these days. I say keep on Rocking!! (Boots/Comedy are the only songs onthe album that really rock) The sound they have created on Boots and Vertigo is a sound that noone has done before...it sounds like the future...this is whatU2 has always been about. I hope they never lose that.

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Sorry bro...I didnt realize how young you were...I guess I just assumed.


Man!!!...Elevation (ATYCLB) & Daddy Gonna Pay (Zooropa)...were my favrorite songs on those albums. I started to get into House/Electronic music about thesame time U2 did...and to hear them fuse that into their music on Zooropa was amazingly cool to me. Its their diversity that I love, because they represent the3 types of music I love (Rock/House-Dance/Soul). I think its what they love as well, so you see these influences in their career.

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Thanks for replying again! I'm with you on a lot you say - or at least I can understand what you're saying though I guess I'm not a rocker!Ha.

Having said that, I do enjoy the "rocky" songs live - I really didn't like Love and Peace til being at Vertigo shows. I guess for me it'snot just the music but the "gravity" of a song that appeals to me...I've noticed this often caused me to disagee with people! I guess I'mmore into "melodies" than "riffs". Edge did once say "that guitar solo thing is a load of wank".

What this proves is a very good thing - that U2 transcends many genres and have a very wide appeal! Old, young, rockers, non-rockers, men, women. Of course Icould be talking bollocks at this point but you get my drift!

Anyway, fair play to ya for listening to me moan and giving an interesting reply - more than I usually get here!

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Yes, but now I understand why! It's got a great "swagger" to it.


And again - it's only the cheesy cliched lyrics that I didn't like. Love the bit where Edge lets rip at the end - that was one of the highlights ofVertigo shows!


Btw, regarding young people and U2 - Bono is old and sounds old so to them it's like having your dad singing. It's just "uncool" to them!Hey, now i sound old!


Anyway, love and peace to ya bro!

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Hey scott, do you ever get the feeling it's a bit quiet round here?

Is this the entire forum - has this got something to do with our paid accounts not working?

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