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Who likes Get On Your Boots like me ?


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Mericege wrote:

Hi everyone,


I can't understand why so many people are giving bad reviews about this song. I think it is a brilliant song.


Who is with me here ?


Take care.

...And care should be my middle name.


I can't express quite yet, at least in human words how this song has moved me. As has always been w/ new U2 music and myself, I find myself looking forfamiliar traits the band is noted for...we all know the frequencies I speak of so I need not dissect that.


I think GOYB is a fascinating stroll down U2 lane...it signals a roadstop with an exit all in one daydream format ...simply put amazing stuff. I can'timagine what must have been going thru their minds as they pieced together this song lyrically and musically because it has a sonic, sirenish type of feel toit...dare I say anthemic. I planted 360+ tomato n' pepper seeds yesterday at my greenhouse listenin' to the new album several times in the process...itjust kept growing on me each time...good stuff.wink.gif


The band seems to be experiencing an energy force worthy of sharing...and I'm in...the sound.




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ONE01 wrote:

If they had released Magnificent as the single then non-U2 fans would be saying "U2 are actually pretty good" but in reality are saying "U2 sound like a bunch of old cranks trying to be hip and failing miserably".


Not that we should care what non-U2 fans think, but I would have the above reaction if I didn't know U2. The majority of fans on here have ranked Boots as worst or second worst song on the album, as did the critics. We can't all be wrong.


By writing songs for radio like Boots all they do is give cannon-fodder to all the people who hate U2. It does such an injustice to an otherwise brilliant album. Vertigo, which is a far better tune in my mind, was the same but not half as embarassing. Radio is the enemy of U2's creativity - U2's best songs have soul and a sincerity about them unlike this trash. I'm not denying it has some great guitar work and Larry is bang on form.


Great bass aside, Get on Your Boots is cheesy, tacky and camp. "The worst 3.5 minutes of U2's career", as one reviewer said. The band are in their 40s and majority of fans are at least 25 (i'm 26!) so why oh why are they writing music for kids. Thank goodness it's only one song.


Rant over.

Sorry but I completely get what ONE is saying here and I have to agree. This is the wrong forum to utter any criticism of the boys of course, but opinionsvary from song to song and from fan to fan.


I've felt pretty much the same regarding GOYB and although I embraced it as greatly anticipated new U2 material, I still found myself cringing at thecheeseyness of it. Having a great rock band singing about 'sexy boots' just kinda didn't cut it with me.


They are chasing new fans (just look at the marketing onslaught for the new album) and I feel Magnificent or Stand Up would've done that better. But GOYBjust fuelled the anti U2 brigade.


GOYB is better live though when they rock it up little, but as a stand alone 'pop song', weak, very weak.


Just my opinion so don't shoot!

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To me, I liked it instantly, still think its really good BUT, don't think it should have been the first single....or a single at all, I dunno??. Is greatlive and I suppose I agree with the whole "having a great rock band sing about sexy boots" but overall, I like it.

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Well I'm new here, it's been awhile since I have listened to U2 I think since Vertigo ( waits for things to be thrown at her haha). I personally likeBoots. Now I first heard it on a commercial I saw for U2 concerts that the cable company were showing now I didn't know it was U2 at the time but I keptsinging "put on your boots, your sexy boots" so then I happened to catch letterman about a week ago and heard it I was like OMG it's U2! I likethe song a lot I think its got a catchy tone to it. After all it was song that got me attention at school today when I sang " I got a submarine, you gotgasoline" and everyone looked at me odd. Any who I love the song. May not be the greatest they have or the worst, but I like it a lot

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