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my U2 playlist


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I've been reading with interest some of the U2 play-lists that have appeared on U2.com - it's interesting the songs people choose ,and why, and shows, not only the extent of the band's brilliant back catalogue, but how the band have touched people's lives in different ways.. 

Anyway, I put together my own playlist, using the same format (15 songs - much harder than you think, so hard that I've ended up with 16, telling myself that October and "40" are just 2 over minutes each = just one song!) and thought i'd share it with you.. perhaps you'd like to share yours..

City of Blinding Lights - How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
Just love this track, from the opening chords to the uplifting chorus - it's a happy song for me.. 

No Line On The Horizon - No Line On The Horizon
Edge's guitar and Bono's vocals in this are just so good; one of the best opening songs to an album ever!

Gloria - October
The first U2 album I listened to was Under A Blood Red Sky, this was the opening track - just love it. 

One - Achtung Baby
I remember buying Achtung Baby in a shopping centre and listening to it over and over in the car home; One was the stand out track for me - it's just so beautiful. REM said it was the on track they wish they'd written, some compliment.
The Unforgettable Fire - The Unforgettable Fire
When I was a teenager I remember this track being released, it was in a gate-fold format which was special, if anyone remembers that. Always craved for it to be played live more often.. Delighted it's on U22.

Two Hearts Beat As One - War
When I first got in to the band, everyone was talking about Sunday Bloody Sunday but for me, along with Surrender, this was the stand out track on War. I so wish they'd play it live again.

October - October
This is a song that's just stayed with me from seeing U2 live; Edge on piano, the mood slowed and was then quickly followed by New Years Day - just fitted perfectly.
Spanish Eyes - b-side / I Still Haven't Found..
Inspired by 'Big John' Noble's recent playlist, I'm delighted that someone else loves this track as I do. I loved all the Joshua Tree b-sides - they could have filled another brilliant album. 

Silver and Gold - b-side / Streets
For much the same reasons as above, I love this song and what it represents; I love the live version too - so much energy and anger / frustration mixed together. 

Kite - All That You Can't Leave Behind
When my ex-wife and I split up she took my son and I just kept playing this song and listening to some of the words, they mean so much: "Don't wanna see you cry, I know this is not goodbye". 10yrs on he's 15 now and it still gets me when I hear this song and think of him - took him to his first gig ever on 360 tour. 

One Tree Hill - Joshua Tree
The Joshua Tree for me (& U2, of course!) was just ground-breaking - there are so many songs on the album that would make any playlist; this is one of the less obvious choices but encapsulates the whole album in one song.

Gone - Best Of 1990-2000
This new version of Gone is much brasher, louder and angrier than the version on Pop - it's a terrific remake and is a great song to let off steam too, just love it. 

Moment of Surrender - No Line On The Horizon
As has been said by far more qualified opinions than mine, this song is just beautiful and is a stand out feature both on the album and live. 

Ultraviolet - Achtung Baby
For years I kept getting the lyrics wrong on this - and they were the title lyrics too!! A lyrical gem of a song and was amazed and ecstatic to see it on the 360 tour! 

With Or Without You - Joshua Tree
My first U2 gig was on The Joshua Tree Tour, in Birmingham UK, and the Edge played a chord that just haunted me and rung out and resonated so much that I can still feel it now when I think back.. Amazing!

"40" - War
Well you can't finish anything on U2 without 40 can you..?

Thank you for indulging me.. 
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Great idea my top ten is on my home page, they're mostly 'live' cuts:-



(1) With or Without You/Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live Paris Joshua Tree)
(2) Beautiful Day (Live8)
(3) Until the End of the World (Live Boston Elevation Tour)
(4) 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Under a Blood Red Sky)
(5) Vertigo (iTunes Advert)
(6) Electrical Storm (promo video)
(7) Woman Fish (TV GAGA)
(8) Pride (In the Name of Love) Single Version
(9) Sunday Bloody Sunday (Rattle & Hum)
(10) Bad (Live Aid)
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Okay, here is mine in  no particular order:


1.  I Will Follow:  First U2 song I heard, and first video of them on MTV

2.  Like a Song:  The beat of the song - Smart thinking, sort of a anti rebellion song.

3.  Surrender:  I can relate to this, not the streets part, but the rest.

4.  Bad:  How Bono can get in the head of a drug addicted and can write about the exact feeling is amazing.

5.  Running to Stand Still:  This is when you have to keep things inside and it is killing you.

6.  Exit -  like the drums and guitar

7.  Red Hill Mining Town:  Best song to show Bono's powerful voice.

8.  One:  Of course

9.  Stay(so close so far):  There is hope for you, showing friendship

10. Staring at the Sun.  This is actually my #1.  We have our lovely little lives, but there is an inclining that things aren't completely right in this world

11.  Discoteque:  Favorite Lyric "You know you're chewing bubble gum, you what it is but you still want some...."

12.Wake up dead man:  Wondering where God is sometimes.

13.Elevation:  Feel good peppy song.

14.  Original of the Species:  Beautiful song.  We are all unique in our own ways and that is wonderful.

15.  Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed car:  The beat...I just like to listen to it.  I can't think of any particular reason though (:>)

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