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Elly Where are You? and other e-mail scams


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Hmmmm I know our favourite band sounds like a lambs mother but please don't think you can pull the wool over our eyes.  You must have thought that you had hit the jackpot when a U2 fan said they had no interest in your money whatsoever and they were happy to help by opening up a bank account for you - providing you sent a copy of your birth certificate.  That was weeks ago - haven't heard a peep out of you since.

No 1 Elly you claimed to be 23 yet told me your date of birth was April 1st (April 1st!!!!!) 1987

OOh thought I a Joshua Tree Baby only one problem.  The Joshua Tree is 25 years old! not 23

No 2 My CPN went to Africa the other year and said that the camps are basically huts and the poor are extremely poor and the rich are really rich.  No way does anyone that poor in a camp have access to a computer.  the only way you would have access to a computer is if you worked in a hotel and sneaked on one.

Nice try Elly but it has been a wonderful learning experience because now we know how to deal with e-mail scammers when they ask for our details --- Simply request their details first - proof of address, copy of passport or copy of birth certificate. 

Someone who is genuine will have no qualms about handing these over.

anyone else and we won't see you for dust.......


Have a great day people.


Spread the love......clap.gifbanana.gifthumbsup.gifblue_butterfly.gif

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