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Name something good which has happened to you lately (part 3)!!


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I just won (unbelievable) the auction for Big Country's Singles box set Vol 1 1983-1984 brand new, sealed from a prvate collector for 59.99 USD. This thing commands crazy amounts of cash on the secondary market. $199.00 used, $754.99 new. I must have the luck of Scottish leprechauns or something.


Same occurence last week on eBay, won a brand new, sealed Big Country 'Rarities III' CD for 19.99. Used it goes for 279.00 if you can find it. Amazon has zero copies available in every partner store. They are fronting CD-R copies though (READ ,mp3 sourced). On Amazon picked up the last brand new (at that price) selaed Big Country 'Rarities II' from a partner store for 19.99. Amazing Scottish leprechauns.


I don't know, I think I have to take out an insurance policy for my Big Country collection now.

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met deannamarie in NYC for a labcoat photo shoot


had a wonderful time with my other new york friends


- survived sandy, got back home to St. Louis eventually


-had a wonderful time with my two best friends in the whole wide world the other night


life is good

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