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A dream come true


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On Sunday, June 17 I arrived in Dublin for the second time ever (the first in 2009 for 2 Croke Park shows).
The main purpose was to attend the Electric Burma concert and also tour U2 landmarks with the great help of Gary Paul.
After passing several U2 places - Bonavox, Principle Management, Windmill Lane studio we arrived at HQ. We were hoping to 
find U2 preparing for the show on Monday - Dallas and Sam were there which was a good sign but no one from the band.
On Monday we started at the court in hope to see Adam and cheer him up, unfortunately he did not show up on that day. 
From there we went to the Bord Gais area and HQ - again no sign of U2. I waited outside the venue until the last moment possible in 
hope to meet Bono on the red carpet.
Eventually I took my seat and after a few moments Bono entered - a few rows in front of me!
I also recognised Paul McGuinness in the audience.
During the half time break I managed to catch Paul and get an autograph. Bono left earlier to award the prize and prepare for his performance.
After the show was over (great performance by Bono) I met with Gary and decided to go to the HQ area again. There 
we took some more photos and decided to walk back towards the Luas station while "Pride" was playing out on my iPhone speakers (my flight back was the next day).
Suddenly we saw some photographers near HQ and Roger Moore appeared. A minute later a black car appears in front of me, the door opens and Bono steps out!!!
I managed to get some photos and 2 autographs, this turned my trip from an excellent one to an unforgettable one.
Gary - thanks for showing me around, looking forward to my next Dublin trip! Without you this would have never happened.
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