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What should be the opening song before the band comes out on stage for their next tour?


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Well, sorry, I thought the question was pretty clear...I meant the song that plays before the band comes out, not U2's first song. You know the song that sets the tone for the evening.


As I was going down the road yesterday in my car, Stayin' Alive came on the radio. Then it hit me...how funny would it be if this was U2's opening song? They've been so serious lately. I just think it would help lighten the mood and help laugh at the face of aging!


For example, Coldplay's opening song this tour is the theme from "Back To The Future"...you know...light hearted humor.


So what non-U2 song should the band come out on?


Besides, they already did All You Need Is Love during the Elevation tour...basically think of a song that describes them and something they have never played...


You know that annoying question..."What's that song right before U2 comes out on stage?"


What should it be?

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