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U2 will be torn apart?


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Woah, now after following some updates of Adam Claytons trial, this makes sense. I didn't understand why Adam Clayton would be suing U2's money manager when it was his personal issues with a housekeeper, but...Gabby Smyth's name came up and I kinda even wondered what is going on. Now, its starting to make sense. The prosecution rested their case today and it could go to the jury by Friday, and all of a sudden that "rumor" reported by The Daily Mail doesn't appear to be a rumor. Here's a link to the article, it didnt make sense until these court proceedings went on. If this does go to court all of U2's finances they have hidden or moved or whatever, it's all in the open cuz Clayton is claiming negligence. Who needs a new album with all this going on? My gut tells me this is not good. Good music does come out of bad times though.The new U2 album should be a whopper!

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