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Former personal assistant of Adam Clayton found guilty of stealing up to €2.8m


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[quote name='basher1 wrote:

gary-paul']Sentence passed down today on Hawkins. . She got 7 years.

Not taking away from what she done but rapist child abusers etc get less jail time just shows ye money's more important than peope 


Shows you the system is screwed ohwell.gif

Why they bother lifting a bible in court is beyond me

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I think of Jane's Addiction everytime I read this thread.


'Been Caught Stealin'


"And we walk right through the door, walk right through the door. Pay no mind, back in line (?). It's MINE."

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[quote name='gary-paul wrote:

illumination70 wrote:

Sigma957']But the pie might taste good....



  Not to hijack the thread,but if you really want a great-tasting pie you should contact this company


I Don't know why BUT I just laughed out loud at this when I read it laugh.gif


  Hey, if you want to throw or eat a pie while representing Zootopia, you might as well go with the best pie money can get LOL!!!!

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this is van that brought her to prison (seriously)


That was like BEYOND STRANGE that the vehicle carrying her to jail had U2 on it...spooky. You know part of me feels bad, but she did this to herself. One bad decision after another after another and I found it even stranger that she didnt at least take the stand and say she was sorry (although she was probably only sorry she got caught). I am sure some of the funds will be recovered but I do know the US apartment they wont get the full proceeds of it because the USA will be looking for capital gain taxes on it etc. but at least she didnt just give all the money away there were a few items that worth some money that can be recovered. I wonder if next he is really going to go after the money man behind U2 or if that matter has been settled privately so as not to put U2's accounting and real numbers under scrutiny. Adam did put in to sue him, Gabby Smyth-the accountant guy that moved U2s money to the Netherlands and pissed off a lot of people who believed they were avoiding paying their fair share of taxes, along with Bank of Ireland high dollar investment man, he said it was only like 11-13 thousand pounds NOT CLOSE TO THE 3 MILLION, I suppose it is in the police hands the same way this case was in the police hands. It's almost like you can't make this stuff up its just gets odder and odder.

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