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U22 in Ireland yet?

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In "One" week we go to Turkey for 15 days.

I hope U22 does not arrive when we just left of for our vacation.

Patience? Me? In case of U22 ................... I am not!

Where the hell is my copy? Please ............ hurry up!

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Has anyone in Ireland got U22 yet? Still waiting for my copy. C'mon, we should be the first!!

Well, Not 1st .... But 2nd definitely  wink.gif I know 5 other's here in Dublin waiting too (still nothing) another day of STARING at the postman beckons  eek.gif

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[quote name='pain_18_ wrote:

gary-paul']Another day another resounding NO


(insert MANY MANY swear words)

F&*k , S*(t, C*%k S*(*(rs, A&*$#^es !!

Something like that yeah..... Only MORE !!!!

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