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Happy anniversary 360 Montreal I (I'm late) and II


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2011-07-08 & 2011-07-09 @ a temporary structure in a field


Beautiful French women, lots of drunk people, serving girls braving the maddening crowd to deliver people beer and meat products. Then Bono brings a storm on our heads just before he leaves. Rain, wind, cold, soaked.

Decide to stay overnight in the new GA line, go back to the hotel the morning after Montreal I.


Montreal II


Dry, dusty! we are in pens. Lots of free food, I have water bottles to share. All are sated. Wait to go in. Outer rail tonight. No rain, woohoo! Out of Control. Thank you goodnight. Long exit, no one's in a hurry to leave. Security don't seem to mind as much.

Catch the train/rail back to the city. Sleep.




Wake up early, catch train, gotta go to Toronto now. Oh no, I've been ditched. How the hell am I supposed to get to Toronto now??? Agony, panic. Found a solution, most inconvenint. Friendship dissolved. Congrats impatient one, you chose an early GA queue up over my friendship. I'll see you in Toronto....


Don't expect me to accept your reasoning if you ditch me in another country.


Happy anniversary Montreal!

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