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Solar Power Desktop PC>>>


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Hey gang, I need help.


My dream is to run my desktop (Big arse gaming rig) and monitor on Solar Power.


Are there any techies out there who know how I can make this happen?


Some things to consider.


A) I want to this on the cheap.

B) I have a lot of sun.

C) So far I know I need panels and an adaptor, and a battery.

D) Is anyone making good batteries? For example N.E.C. only produce huge mega bucks whole house batteries, and when I told them there would be a market for small but powerful units that could run one or two appliances, their men just looked at me like i was from Mars.


Suggestions welcome.


P.S. for potential investors/developers, there is a massive market for you to develop solar systems that can run a P.C. and an air conditioner with a few panels pasted on our balcony, preferably that don't rely on roof fixation. The current products are aiming way too low; i.e. a suitcase charger that can run a laptop for an hour!! Get real guys, there is massive money to be made from folks like me!!



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