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Why no Cardiff tracks on U22??


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Coldplay don't deserve to be in the same room, sentence, idea with U2 !!!!

Coldplay is NOTHING compared to U2!!!!

F**k off Coldplay !!!!!!

When I wrote the post to start off this thread I thought it might be too tame, so threw the Coldplay bit in at the end.


Do I think Coldplay are a match for U2?? Coldplay shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as U2, especially where live performance is concerned. Chris Martin wakes up every morning then  looks in the mirror and wishes Bono was staring back at him, especially after Gwynneth hands him some specially squeezed juice.


I do wish U2 would make some smarter decisions at times but when you're stood there in front of them on a tour then you realise there's no other band on Earth who can do what they do.

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I agreed with all this till I nearly fainted at the thought someone thinks coldplay are the greatest live act in the world!


You been smokin somethin??

Apologies. I was just testing the waters - I ***kin hate Coldplay , or more precisely Chris Martin. Glad to see there was a reaction!!

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