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Gary, Don't make me come over there !!!

You could PM Bigwave about this...!!!!

You call THIS Show Off....Wait until you see the next photos..Coming Soon.....

If I could be there...I'd treat you to a beer.....To cheer you up....
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[quote name='gary-paul wrote:

mich40 wrote:



I have and I am waiting. . . . Im even planning on taking mine out on a romantic dinner date !! (another photo idea) Just me U22 a nice meal, a glass of wine with some nice music playing in the restaurant, Then who knows, maybe later We can go home and I can stick it on. . . . .(The Cds I mean - over a coffee) :-)


  I laugh with you, not at you.



I laugh at me . . . . .Now I laugh at you! laugh.gif

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