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What Time Is It In The World......


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It's time we stopped fucking around with Nuclear Power.[/font]

It's time we stopped tolerating corrupt Governments.[/font]

It's time we stopped tolerating employer abuse.[/font]

It's time we stopped fighting over religion.[/font]

It's time we shared resources for the betterment of all.[/font]


It's time we ate the rich.[/font]


It's time we checked on our neighbors.[/font]

It's time we gave someone a hand.[/font]

It's time we saved water.[/font]

It's time we understood ourselves.[/font]

Its time we evolved.[/font]

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Sorry, but we are going backwards these days, our species seems to be the only one that is not evolving, soon we will be so weak (natural selection process) that time will run out for us...I know I'm a big ball of doom today.

BTW, it's August 7, 2012 at 9:18 AM in Melbourne Beach Florida and its time to go SURFING.
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