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Hello! I'm new in the site.

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I have seen in the news of my city that U2 are thinking on coming here to touring (Seville), for first time... and it means to meto see them live for first time too... so I hope it become true and I have decide to come here and make pressing to Bono and the band untill they decide toinclude the city glasses.gif...

I don't know what is the deal with the people in Seville but you can add all this thingshappy.gif:

- In July we have an excellent weather... and is really wonderful to walk the town and enjoy the sun, the colours and tastes that we can offer.
- Sevilla is the best place in Spain to try the typical spanish "tapas" (you know the little plates with food)
- We have beautiful places to visit, the town is famous for its History...

and the most important of the offert is: If you come to Seville and you make me enjoy your music live I promise to cook for Bonothe best spanish omelette that you never had tried in your life... happy.gif

Well that's all by the moment. Hello to the community and I will visit you in other chances!!!

Many Kisses from Spain!!!!

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By the moment the Spanish news on line about it are that the only city where they are going to play here is Barcelona... where they are going to open thetour... the source is a digital diary from that city and they are supposed to sell a lot of tickets in the rest of the spanish cities... but... I CAN'T GOTHEREEEEEEdevil.gif


I will wait and I hope that my offert of spanish food for Bono be stronger than anything!!! happy.gif




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Flamenkita, make sure to check the Toursite, they have all the dates and info. Barcelona tickets have not gone into presale yet, so if you join as a paidmember you can buy the tickets online through U2.com.

BTW: I'm pretty sure they won't be playing in Sevilla, maybe in 2010, but I wouldn't wait on that if I were you. See them as soon as possible ifyou get the chance wink.gif. It's worth the travel.

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... why are you pretty sure???eyes.gif


I have some other travels to do this year... wedding (not mine) and other things and I can't travel to Barcelona... I can't spend more money, do youunderstand??? Unfortunately to want is not the same than be able!!!!

But why do you know that they aren't going to include other city in Spain? Is the calendary closed?

Well, I read the past month that they were going to include maybe one city more in Spain but I have already seen that Barcelona is the only one in theToursite... I was crossing my fingers for the new became real... but frown.gif


But I will stand here untill I get to catch the attention of Bono with my culinary art and decide to come to Seville!!!laugh.gif

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wink.gif Vanda! Where do you come from? I was fourteen during the Expo 92 but Ihave nice memories of it. The tortilla is cause by Bono said once that he likes it so much LOL...

Miaveni, hello! Maybe they finally add more dates, who knows... we musn't to lose the hope... even though I have to admit that I see difficult to wait moredates for Spain then to see the calendary... but you know!!! waiting for miracles.... hehehehehelaugh.gif

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