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live preferences in U2 360 tour 2009-2011, which one do you choose from the following?


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A- Breathe, live in Dublin, 24th of July 2009-

B- Magnificent, live in Zagreb ,daytwo, 10 th August 2009-

C- Mothers of Disappeared, live in  Istanbul,  6th of September 2010, duet with Zulfu Livaneli-

D- Scarlet, live in Auckland, 26th of November 2010-

E- City of Blinding lights,  live in Johannesburg, 13th of February 2011-

F- Beautiful day,  live in Cape Town, 18th of February 2011-

G-I will follow,  live in Montreal, 8th of July 2011-

H-The Fly, live in East Rutheford, 20 July 2011-

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