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...so anyway, 3 weeks past, because of medical complications I had a very, very close encounter with the sandman!!..

and as I was laying well cared for in the emergency room, all I wanted was to go home with my bride!!..

...so a few days ago as I was contemplating lifes beauty once again...this poem came to me, so today I thought maybe it could become a welcome home thread for anyone who has left this home, U2.com in the past and would like to come back, knowing that they will be recieved with respect where there would be no hurt, in this place that I know many do call home

...and just maybe with a little help it could become a pinned thread!!wink.gif


Calling Home


Perhaps as of late, it is a pleasant place,

Between narrow walls, again it is gathering grace.

To break in through these walls

for with a word, and to be seen by all,

long await could soon take place.


And if by some chance

were you granted a glance,

it would be free of

absurd remarks and disgrace.


If it is the true home,

be free in it to roam

Throughout your narrow walls

show face to this comforting place.


Can you give it a chance,

So to feel in it, its certain romance,

Like life in a blooming garden,

Shines a light deep within it,

And so I am certain, certain in it,

are the many true colours that you like.

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