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It's Alive, It's Aliiiiiveeeeeeee............


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[quote name='gary-paul wrote:

febottini wrote:

gary-paul']I Mean It's ARRIVED IT'S ARRIVED  


By the way Gary-Paul let me make you a question. Did you have to pay taxes for your poster in Ireland?

Because I´ve received a letter from the airport saying my poster is there. But Live Nation said the poster value is $158! I´m really in trouble because of that. Brazilian
bureaucracy sucks!


Jesus No, It was here when I arrived home and didn't have to pay any sort of tax ?That seems a bit excessive . . .

OMG! I´ve received my U22 poster. And I didn´t have to pay anything. Thank God! I guess they sent me a letter just to scared me.

Here is a photo. Later, I will take a better one.



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