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It's Alive, It's Aliiiiiveeeeeeee............


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[quote name='febottini wrote:

gary-paul wrote:


A miracle!!! lol

Let´s celebrate.


By the way Gary-Paul let me make you a question. Did you have to pay taxes for your poster in Ireland?

Because I´ve received a letter from the airport saying my poster is there. But Live Nation said the poster value is $158! I´m really in trouble because of that. Brazilian
bureaucracy sucks!


Jesus No, It was here when I arrived home and didn't have to pay any sort of tax ?That seems a bit excessive . . .

OMG! I´ve received my U22 poster. And I didn´t have to pay anything. Thank God! I guess they sent me a letter just to scared me.

Here is a photo. Later, I will take a better one.



That's a relief you didn't have to pay anything - glad you got it, Nice isn't it... 

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GREAT...Just Great, Febottini !!! Enjoy Your Prize, You deserve it !!!!!

Gary - Paul We're waiting for Your Poster & U22 Photos !!!!

I Went out yesterday to do some pic's (see new topic) and had to cut it short - BUT I am working on doing some pictures


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Was gonna do a few pic's of U22 out in several locations (U2 related) BUT it wasn't the best day yesterday with some rain while there so only done '1' quick picture...

Taken in the spot where U2 did the cover shot for October.


Great pic!!! Love it and looking forward to more pics at other U2 sites . . . . go away rain tongue.gif

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