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Is it me or are threads disappearing ??


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Actually, we have no clue what is happening. It's not only threads, some comments and blog posts are also MIA.


We were working on the site yesterday, and a bit today, so that might be it, but I cannot say for sure.



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You're right . . . . another one gone???? Come on!!!!!
u2ireland shared that she logged on one day, and all of her friends were now gone! zappo! No friends!

I forgot what else was wiped out, like maybe she also lost photos too, but there was a bit more beside friends she lost.

Last year when I was running the photo contest, I would spend hours putting together the photo slideshows for the different categories, post them, only to have them summarily disappear, never to be found again!

sometimes peeps cant log in anymore or they can no longer send or receive PM's, or they cant comment on the boards.




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