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Little Museum seeks U2 items for a permanent exhibition


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A new museum is seeking U2 memorabilia relating to the band's history for a permanent exhibition in Dublin.

Rare photographs, posters, set-lists, and T-shirts are among items sought by the Little Museum of Dublin on Stephen's Green.

The non-profit museum decided to set up a permanent U2 exhibition after a record number of visitors came to an exhibition of photographs which opened in May.

"We've had people coming from as far away as Greece and Italy. The response has been incredible," museum director Trevor White told the Irish Independent.

The former publisher believes it's high time Dublin had a museum to celebrate U2.

"We envisage a place where fans can see memorabilia from throughout U2's career. But we need help from the public" added Mr White.

Members of the public with rare U2 memorabilia should contact Simon O'Connor at simon@littlemuseum.ie

From: Independent

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I have several U2 things Im considering LOANING the museum BUT.... Im just at the 'thinking about it stage' I think this is a great idea and should have possibly been done Yearssssssssss ago...


I know Simon and he's a good guy and the Museum deserves every success, BUT when it comes to my U2 stuff I can be a 'little' OVER protective about it, It's possibly an OCD thing I have but I'd give them some stuff with the best intentions and leave then possibly run back wanting to take it all back !!!


I wil think long and hard about it.. I have some nice things including Z00-ECU (signed) and of course my signed Trabant, my baby (Achtung Baby)... Im still VERY disapointed about the jacket incident all those years back, (If only I was more careful, and less of an idiot) it'd still be here today (I know, Im such a f**king w***r b****x t**t) yup, Im that annoyed by it mad.gif


But - as I say, I'll have a think about what I wanna do and hopefully can help Simon / Little Museum out...



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I was seriously thinking about donating my partially signed (and faded) sleeve w/record of 'U2-3' EP



and my Bono (only) signed copy of 'Another Day', the sleeve he designed.

But I ran the idea past some relatives and they told me don't do it. So I won't. I'll hang on to them for a bit longer.


I was just concerned about the tropical environment here affecting their condition. I'm sure this museum would be air conditioned and have hermetically sealed displays. Hm, I guess when I move there eventually I'll donate them.

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