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Bored so......................

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DWTS is HUGE in America, but I don't care for it that much and don't watch it. There's so much else to watch this year. TV is very good right now IF you look for it. My new favorites are Homeland on Showtime, Call The Midwife and the newest season of Upstairs Downstairs on PBS. The Good Wife on CBS is as good as ever and I'm trying to get into the modern American take on Sherlock Holmes - Elementary. So far, eh...

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I've got a few I download weekly from torrents to keep up on. I don't watch TV.


Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 5 (TOON HD)

TRON Uprising (Disney XD HD)

Grimm (NBC HD)

Hunted (BBC HD)

Last Resort (ABC HD)

Arrow (CW HD)

Revolution (NBC HD)

Person of Interest (CBS HD)

Walking Dead (AMC HD)

666 Park Avenue (ABC HD)


On-off season


Dr Who (BBC HD)

Strike Back (Cinemax HD)

Spartacus (Showtime HD)

Primeval (BBC HD)


That's my viewing list.


I might try


Once Upon A Time

Hell On Wheels

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