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How can I send mail to Bono?

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Hi all! I was wondering what is the best way to send fan mail to Bono? I have been looking online, and can't seem to find a way. If anyone knows how to help that would be much appreciated. I'll post my letter here







Hello Bono,



Firstly, I need to congratulate you on your unparalleled musical and political career. I love you as someone who can help me through troubled times with your rich voice and decadent songs, but also as someone who can get real about humanitarian issues.


For me, a perfect Saturday night involves spent listening an album of yours, reading the new catalogue of your socially conscious clothing line EDUN while marathoning Live Aids 1-8.


You are a brand. A brand that, at this point in my life, I couldn't live without. If you released an internet browser that highlighted “Bono's Fav Websites†I would only surf with you. If you released a line of economical city cars, I would drive around honking, making sure everyone in my city of Whitby, Ontario knows that I am a Bono watchdog, constantly watching over their ethical and humanitarian choices.


To put it simply; when the collection tin comes around at the Church of Bono, I will make the whole congregation know just how much I care.



Which is why I feel as though I have earned the right to write to you not just as a fan, but as an open  dialouge.


With much regret, I have to open this dialogue of ours on a critical suggestion. Your work in Africa has been nothing short of a miracle; you have worked tirelessly to keep them fed, clothed and current with celebrity life in America. But maybe all the travelling around, the meeting of foreign dignitaries, and meeting with clothing designers has pushed you far away from what connects us all together: YOUR MUSIC.


When you sing and you got the whole band playing behind you, the human connection we all feel is nothing short of a miracle. Case in point: the last time I saw you, you were supporting your new album “Backspacerâ€. Being part of 20 thousand fans screaming along to your classics like “Ten†“Alive†“Betterman†was nothing short of cathartic. And even though you didn't play some of your classics like “Even Flow†or “Jeremy†I knew that was a great ploy because, hey, I will be first in line to get tickets when you come back.


Your collaboration with Todd Macfarlene on the 1998 music video “Do the Evolution†was so on point. I still can't watch that video without getting goosebumps for, sometimes, 2 hours afterwords. It was that song that made me go “Hey, I have to make a difference. I must listen to what Bono has to sayâ€. I know many many people that call themselves “PJ-heads†and they will follow you around the country (sometimes even continents!) just to hear those post-grunge guitar riffs that just cut to the core.


Sometimes I even wonder how you can still get a chance to meet political figures with your confrontational stage antics. I remember when I saw you perform last, you donned a George Bush mask during your legendary song “Daughterâ€. And then a week later, I saw you MEETING George Bush. And your hair was much, MUCH shorter. Did he not recognize you or something? He must be a fan of your music on some level. Did he just not see what you had done the week before? You kept screaming “Bush, Bush, Out, Out†And then burned the mask with a lit cigarette. I am with you 100% of the way, but it did seem like there was a bit of a disconnect between the humanitarian Bono, and the Bono that can sing his album “Vitalogy†with the same intensity now, as when it first released in 1994.



I think what happens to people who try and do everything sometimes lose their message. And, unfortunately I see that happening to you. Another thing; in 2000 you paraded around on stage announcing that you supported Ralph Nadar for president. But, humanitarian-Bono never met with Ralph Nadar, and it seems totally out of your character to be openly supporting a candidate (Nader, no less) when again and again the humanitarian Bono has said that it is not about supporting U.S candidates but rather focus on the people that need help around the world.


And I can't help but notice the stage-Bono looks a lot different than the humanitarian-Bono. You really dress down for the stage. Your hair is long and shaggy, and you wear shlubby pants and a plaid jacket. And then I see you on humanitarian missions and you are always glamed up, with a cowboy hat, designer jeans and sunglasses. I think you have to have a stronger connection between these two personas otherwise you are just confusing people.


I look forward to your answers. And please, I do hope I didn't come off too strong. I am a dedicated PJ-head and will never stop supporting your music (All of “Ten†played at my wedding).



Thank you Bono, please let me know your opinions on these things as SOON as possible!


Joe Lawther


PS. Tell the rest of the band (Stone, Jeff, Mike) I say Hi! And let drummer Matt know that I think he is a great drummer!

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You can send your letter by using Lunatic Mailcarrier. Very cheap and reliable. tongue.gif



Or look up Principle Management.  Make sure to give them your address and phone number. wink.gif

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Hi! Thank you both for your responses. I could not find Lunatic Mailcarrier online, and if I did, I don't exactly see how that would be connected to Bono.


But @mich40, thank you VERY much for principal management. I inserted that into google and got this address


Principle Management

(Music Artists Management Company)

30/32 Sir John Rogerson's Quay

Dublin 2


Phone: +353 (0)1 6777 330

Fax: +353 (0)1 6777 276



Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Also, has anyone else sent Bono mail before? Does he respond?




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