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[quote name='patjoller wrote:

Moon1973']no not yet...that will mean that i did the renewal untill march 2014 and i will not get the new gift ? Just U22 and the U2 zoo cd ????

You will get the new package if you renew before the next package. You can even renew now and your subscription will run until march 2014, you won't lose a month by renewing now.

And i'm not sure they are sending stuff separately, it costs too much.... remember they sent us the U22 in like april or may, so if they don't have the book yet, they will wait. I'm sure they got everything now.
Don't be so sure...I subscribed in December 2011 and I received U22 in August 2012...
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[quote name='febottini wrote:

richie459']I think all they have shipped is the U22 CD & Zoo TV CD as they have stock.


The "From The Ground Up & CD" will ship at a later date!

I didn´t know they would send us the things separately.

Yeah I got an email recently advertising the membership as a christmas gift and it said this....

"Order our Bundle Gift Subscription, and as well as all this, we immediately send your friend the live double-CD set U22 AND, while stocks last, ZOOTVLIVE, the live CD set from Sydney on the ZOO TV Tour."
Then this morning I had an email saying U22 & ZOO had shipped.

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does anyone know what is being shipped.  I was charged 75.00 which is for the new subscription, It is a bit confusing.


I´ve received this email as well today.

If you paid $ 75, it´s the bundle package (book + CD + U22 + CD Zoo TV)

But I don´t know if they´d send us the things separately.

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It'd really be nice if I knew for sure whether I was getting this or not. When I renewed my subscription in October I received a second copy of U22. I've emailed 5 times and even tweeted for customer service assistance on what to do with the extra U22 and whether or not I'm going to get From the Ground Up w/CD... nada, nothing. Which is why I'm whining here. I just received an email update for the package regarding downloading 'Desire'. That option, unfortunately, does not appear in My account_74615. Does this mean I spent $40 for a second copy of U22 when I did my regular renewal and now need to renew again for From the Ground Up?

Someone please help!
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