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still no reply from live nation tried the phone number it has been changed , left on hold for over 5 minutes gave up


they are useless useless ,


still i like to think i am positive and expect my zoo tv cd soon § cos it is on my invoice!

i wonder has anyone in czech republic recd their copy yet?

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Just check on the front of your envelopes it says 3CDS/1 Book to make sure they even acctually put Zoo TV into the envelope.


Because if it just says 2CD/BOOK they probably only ever actually sent U22.

I paid for the bumper package,my confirmation email said I have paid for u22,zoo tv and the from the ground up,so I expect to get all 3 items(ftgu later obviously)


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My U22 (again) and Zoo TV came on Tuesday. I was out of town until today but I never received a shipping notice beforehand. So, when I went to the post office today to pick up my mail from the past few days, I was surprised I received it already. Though, like almost everyone here who got the U22/Zoo TV bundle, my package was also split along the top. At first, I thought someone at the Post Office (or along the route to get here) had opened it out of curiosity. Luckily both U22 and Zoo TV were intact and undamaged. Though, I wondered why From The Ground Up and Edge's Picks weren't with them. But as soon as I logged on to the site and started reading the forums, I found my answer.


I assume the package was split at the top because they wanted to mail U22 and Zoo TV together and to "reuse" the original package of U22. Though, I am very disappointed they didn't even take the time to reseal the mailer. Zoo TV could've easily slid out along the way (thankfully it didn't, but I imagine there will be more than one re-subscriber whose U22/Zoo TV package is missing one or the other.)


Hopefully, From The Ground Up and Edge's Picks come sealed and shipped before Christmas.

Similar story here, I am in Australia. Lucky I didn't lose something. That is just crazy and slack! Poor show U2.com really need to get your shit together.....
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