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"Who is Bono?" says Neil Young in a interview with fans


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[quote name='xtraspicy62 wrote:

What about you
? who is your
TOP 5 musician/legend

dont hate me...but I love axel rose ...crazy, insane vocals right here, right now..rocking 3 hour sets!

(plus he stood up to the rock hall and all of their bs for not inducting KISS & is mellowing nicely with age and apologizing for past lateness for shows..he bought all the fans at jimi kimmel live hamburgers and gave out some free tickets too)


led zeppelin and the current Band of Joy work by Robert Plant-Excellent!!


the who and currently, Rodger Daltry...he can still sing like he was in his 20's when on recent tour!!


Jimi Hendrix...always and forever








thumbsup.gif pretty good wink02.gif

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