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Finally watched this on Halloween. Loved it. Gave me that same uneasy feeling when I first saw ALIEN in 1978. Strong female lead chacarcters. The music has a nice counterpoint to Jerry (RIP) Goldsmith's original ALIEN film score.


The movie left some questions which some of them are answered in the deleted scenes. 12 full scenes cut. I have to question Ridley Scott's decision to cut them. They actually flesh out and answer a fair bit of questions. Maybe there will be a director's cut?


Best science fiction film I've seen this year.

That's not a repeat that I've seen over and over (Blade Runner/Equilibrium/MATRIX/ALIENS)

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at last you saw it!


The first 1/4 of the film is probably one of the most magnificent set ups in science fiction cinema.


The rest of the film will only be possible to really assess if part 2 gets made. Ultimately the film will live or die on the strength of the second part, and that is kind of an opportunity lost i.m.o.

Ridley and co should have focused on a bullet proof, kick arse one episode triumph.


But, yes, it is still the best science fiction film for a long time, glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank Raz,


Yeah part II will determine its staying power. Everything I thought I knew about Space Jockeys and the xenomorph are totally wrong. For MANY years Dark Horse Comics was supposedly the official origiin of these two species. I guess the ALIEN Ripley encountered throughout 4 different films is a bio-weapon made by them gone horribly wrong, spliced with other lifeforrms. "Somoene spilled the coffee".


Check out the deleted alternate scene of the attack of the alien in the hangar. It looks more like the ALIEN Ripley encountered minus the creepy dome and double jaws. Same animalistic tendency, no razor tail though...


I showed my mom the TED viral videos before the film, to fill her in on Michael Weyland's character.


side note:


Michale Fassbender would make a great James Bond when Daniel Craig retires from the role

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