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Thanks!! he replied to my email yesterday evening and he said he would send another email to everybody today! :)


Anyway if you still have the 2011 list you also have my address :)

I asked him to send out an amendment email with my correct address and he replied; "I'll send your correction as well as a few others tonight.", but that was over 24 hours ago now. frown.gif

I'm printing my envelopes now, so I hope everyone else's address is correct, and I have added Joshua84, Suee, Ingrida and Izzy (all using last year's addresses) as they appear to be the ones that were left off, but if anyone is aware of any other missing people or address corrections, please make them known here (obviously don't publicly post people's addresses), so that those of us already working on their cards can fix anything before it's too late.

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I still haven't received my list yet....bored.gif

So all I can say is at the mo.... is I'll look at my list from last year.... if anyone has moved could you pm me..... and if any one would like mine.... once again pm  me..... and if any added from last year pm me..... That's a lot of "PM's" rolleyes.gif maybe..... 

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pay attention - sorry but noticed only now



street number is 30

zip code is 3550

Good pick up, thanks Monica; I wondered about that one yesterday.


According to Royal Mail's website on how to correctly address mail for various countries, the format for «17»'s country is

First Name followed by Last Name

Street Name followed by street number (30)

zip code (3550) followed by TOWN


So it looks like as well as the postcode being listed wrongly (i.e. should be 3550, not 3350), the line break was put in the wrong place on the list, and should be inserted between the 30 and the 3550 (i.e. not before the 30).

I only bring this up because countries like the US, Canada, UK and Australia, etc. put the street number before the street name and the zip code after the town and state, whereas this country is the other way around.


If anyone's interested, the Royal Mail links are;

 - European addressing ideals

 - 'Rest of the World' addressing ideals

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@pebs, @monica, anyone else....



I got the original list from kris, but I cant open the list of additional people that was emailed to me...


If anyone has a moment, can they just copy & paste those extra peoples info


and send it to me as a PM?


I think it was just these extra people:



Izzy (IzzyU2 right?)




anyone else?


thank you so much.

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