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i want to be in,but i am away at xmas,so not sure if i will get chance to send cards out,
some people who were late ended up sending out cards for new years day...


one time, I was so late, hey, I just made it a Valentines day card!!


still about the love!



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It’s that time of the year again when Christmas ads appear, and when we get annoyed by the same Christmas songs over and over again.


It’s also the time of the year when we usually hold the annual ZOOTOPIA CHRISTMAS CARDS EXCHANGE! And this year is no different.


How does it work you may ask? Easy! You sign up and then in early December I send everyone who has signed up a list of all participants. Then you send nice Christmas Cards to each other.


To sign up you need to either send me an e-mail (ZooKristaps@gmail.com) or PM* me here your information:

1) Your Zootopia Name

2) Your Name

3) Your mailing address (don’t forget to include your country/post code/ZIP code/etc.)

4) Your e-mail address

5) Who’s your favourite U2 member?


When I get the info from you, I’ll add you to the list and confirm your information with you.

And in the first week of December you’ll get the full list of participants and can start mailing Christmas cards!


Question: Do I have to e-mail everyone from the list?

Answer: No, you can mail as many Zootops as you want. But it would be nice to mail the one right below you.


If you have other questions, post them below - I or someone will answer them :)


Deadline to apply: November 30, 2012 23:59:59 PST!


Might be worth sending the full list on November the 30th (or as early as possible for you) to send the ones overseas early as it can take a while for the cards to reach there destinations due to the back logs. Last year i had some in January and even Febuary. 
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