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ok so do we give him another day and then if no reply I'll be happy to step in and compile the list?


lets see how we go, if we don't hear from him by this time tomorrow I'll post my details, if everyone is happy with that?

yes, I completely trust in redandwhitepebbles ability to organize this.


If anyone can pull this off, its pebs.


Just look at the super amazing job she did, gathering tickets from EVERY 360 show plus Glasto,


and putting them all into a spectacular arrangement for the december fan calendar.


check it out here  LINK and remember that this can also be made into a poster.


she has my vote of confidence.


hope that kris is ok

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ok guys it's 24 hours later and we've had no reply from Kris so I think if this is going to happen this year we need to move on it.


I have set up the following email address





can I ask that you re-send the email you sent to Kris using the same format and I will start compiling the list.


Given the late date I would like to have this out by the end of the week so it's important to get me your details by 6th DECEMBER - MIDNIGHT USA TIME - that is the end of the time zone and that gives me my Friday afternoon / evening to finish compiling the list so you will all have it by AM Friday 7th US time.


I will re-post this in the paid folder to ensure we pick up everyone and also if you know of anyone who does not frequent the folder often, but was interested, can i ask you maybe give them a prod if possible and  advise them to come back in and check the post out and re-send details.


Obviously given the short turn around for this we may miss some people and I apologise for that, what I will propose is that anyone replying late will be added to a subsequent list which I will email out


I think I have covered everything.

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