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I´m happy Pebs is responsible for it now but I´m afraid I won´t be part anymore because I live in Brazil and I´m sure my cards won´t arrive to anyone before Christmas. Sorry!

Fe don't worry about it they will arrive and it's cool getting them after Christmas too. the year the guys were touring down here I posted mine late as we didn't get the list before I ran off to play so they would have arrived after Christmas.


it's all good we wont ban you from future years I promise wink.gif


sadly no list this morning. So just in case maybe keep sending me your details as if we don't have one by my deadline I'll send who I have

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My address has been copied across wrongly from my email to the list, so can you please amend your copy to reflect the change so I don't miss out on receiving your cards?

«21» Nikaliptus

the first line of the address should be;

U2 / 189 S...... Street (use the street name as per the list, I just don't want to publicly publish it here where people not participating can read it)

*** As well as being the best band in the world, the 'U2 / ' that was missed from the start of my address is my unit #, so if this isn't included before the street # (189), I won't receive your cards. ***

If you're unsure, please PM me to clarify.  Thanks

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