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Is everyone in I.T. out of their mind??


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So I''m enjoying a mind numbing Red Wine night in and I wanna post a quick reply to a You Tube comment when I'm interrupted by:

 'You seem to be accidentally using an alias and it's a little hard for people to recognize you, would you like to enter your real name here, now, we understand you don't have anything better to do than conform, and you were just passing time anyway, right.'

kind of message.


What the hell is going on? Fuck off. Leave me, and my accounts ALONE.

So I tell them no. And then to make matters worse they give me "Are you sure?"

Leave. Me. Alone.

Then they want to know why? and offer a bunch of options like "You must be a company? You must be a an Artist? You must be socially challenged?"

No option for "I just wanna be left the feck alone to do my thing."


So. Is everyone crazy?

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