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Edge's Picks CD Tracklist


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Ok so I have read some fans asking what are the 15 tracks from Edge's Picks?

Well I don't know, but I do know that 5 of them will be...

1. Spanish Eyes
2. No Line On The Horizon
3. Electrical Storm
4. New Year's Day
5. Get On Your Boots

....but what about the other 10?

Let's guess them!

1. "40"
2. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
3. Pride
4. I Will Follow
5. Sunday Bloody Sunday
6. Breathe
7. Angel Of Harlem
8. Vertigo
9. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
10. Return Of The Stingray Guitar


Now your turn to guess the other 10! Closest will get nothing! That's right, a big fat NOTHING! laugh.gif
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[quote name='trevgreg wrote:

NScoggins']No Line and Spanish Eyes aren't on the CD according to the write-up...which leaves even more tracks on the CD.  Sweet.

Yeah, the e-mail quoted this exactly, so it looks like those 15 will be other ones.



Boots, New Year's Day and Electrical Storm are the only 3 I know of then.
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MacFoley wrote:[/b]


Boots, New Year's Day and Electrical Storm are the only 3 I know of then.
Yeah, it does look that way after the news thing. Definitely Electrical Storm anyway.


danielsentana']Doesn't take a rocket scientist (aka Edge) to see that they're pulling on us the rest of U22. It's a bit sad that they needed $80 from each of us to give us a complete set of songs
Of course, you don't HAVE to buy them. Even if we don't get the full list of songs, $80 over two years for that and some extra stuff won't kill anybody (I know of a few bands that don't even offer CDs or music with their subscriptions, which even go above what U2's are selling for). Plus, you could always find a torrent of them online or something if money's that big of an issue.
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Electrical Storm

your blue room

Angel of Harlem

Crazy (the non remix version from filming of the video)

In a Little while

Stuck In a Moment

Miss S




maybe maybe maybe some North Star, Mercy or Every Breaking Wave

And Love is Blindness from when they played that song on 360...........................
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