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Edge's Picks CD Tracklist

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Oooh wee, deductive wishlist with help from http://www.u2gigs.com/360__Tour.html


I tried to find 15, and acytually don't have the time. VERY likely to be the also rans in the fan vote for U22 (24 right with downloads and medleys)



I trawled though wikipedia actually... poo. ^That is the site I was originally looking for though, much more useful way of listing the songs played.
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[quote name='whodunit wrote:

danielsentana']Expect Crazy tonight for the nth time. Cause we obviously didn't get enough.

And it's just how LN rolls (remember ZOO TV from Sydney, anyone?)


If we do get Crazy I hope it is the original version as played in Barcelona 2009. That would be great.

I agree that would be brilliant! happy.gif

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1. Breathe 2. I Will Follow 3. Get On Your Boots 4. New Years Day 5. Electrical Strom 6. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 7. Miss Sarajevo 8. Angel of Harlem 9. Your Blue Room 10. Vertigo 11. Pride 12. Scarlet 13. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me 14. Mothers of the Disappeared 15. "40"

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[quote name='joshthetree wrote:

richie459 wrote:

bflorendo']In A Little While, Stuck In A Moment.....lol

I acctually hope those two are on the CD! lol

yeah me toosmokin.gif


Nothing wrong with that. They're good songs!

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