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Fantasy Collaboration

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personally, I d like to see cirque du soleil come up with a mind blowing show utilizing the music of u2-all new movements and artistic designs and dance....!!


or a collaboration with a film director to use their music in a film, like in the movie, Across the Universe, which used the Beatles music in fresh, new interpretations...slowing it down, speeding it up, changing the key, etc....



so, who wants to write the screen play for that???!!


ps-Im talking about a movie written around the music not music written for a movie.


that way, a lot more music could be included from multiple albums.


and cirque is not broadway theater!


bring on an original work just for u2's music!!

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I want U2, maybe circa Achtung Baby, and Zeppelin, maybe circa Physical Graffiti (their masterpiece). More Edge and Jimmy Page without Jack White would be a good substitute, though.


Thanks for the praise, xtraspicy! You have really made me feel welcome in the Zoo. :-)

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