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Gifts from your mother


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Mom calmed me down when I was a super hyper toddler, by coming up with this original therapy:


she would put on a vinyl album of latin dance music, and pick me up and hold me close to her body, one arm wrapped around my waist, and the other arm held my arm out to the side in a dance postion.


my feet were about 3 feet off the ground.


and she would sway me around the living room, to the bosa nova, the cha cha, the tango and others.


she counted off the dance beats into my ear, her soft warm breath against my face, her heart beating against my chest, her body warmth moving into mine...


the rhythm of the music, the counting, her breathing and her beating heart....all soothed me


I soon forgot to be the usual holy terror, and got instead the basis for a super keen kinetic sense...


she somehow cured my hyperactivity, and neurologically changed me.


counting, rhythm, breathing, moving. heart beat.


What a wonderful gift she gave to me.


I became a gymnast.

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I think the best gift from my Mother is the ability to "keep moving on" even when life became to much.

My mother is good for that too. I get my coolness from her. She's a great peacekeeper and friend. She's honest, funny and always sees the brighter side of life and knows how to keep happy! She also has a great work ethic, I know I get that from her. 

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