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Breaking Bad, Walking Dead & Love/Hate

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Anyone else here fan's of any or possibly all of these shows...??


Im currently going cold turkey waiting on Season 5 episode 9 start, absolutely love this and Cranston is absolutely brilliant as Walter (Heisenberg) White, same with The Walking Dead - I've been watching the latest season (3) online as it's not yet been shown here (Ireland) yet, but Im just waiting on episode 8 of season 3 this show has just gotten better as it goes on luckily I won't have to wait as long to see episode 8 as  I do to see Breaking Bad though,


And saving the best until last Love/Hate.... ok, most of you won't have seen this unless your from Ireland but this is without doubt THE best series ever made & shown in Ireland, It depicts fictional characters in Dublin's criminal underworld and is one of the most watched / talked about TV shows here at the moment, filmed entirely in Dublin and currently in season 3


Any other fans here .??

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I'm losing interest in Walking Dead. I haven't seen the mid-season finale yet ("Made To Suffer") but the TV portrayal of the governor is very weak, If you read the source comic book series you will see huge liberties taken with the character.


Way too many alterations, so much squandered character development. Too many dead core characters so early in the series. It's like the producers don't know what to do with the established framework of the comic book. Frank Darabont got fired as director.Not sure if still hving him would have changed much but now Greg Nicotero, head of makeup FX is the director. I'm seeing the difference between a movie director and an SFX director.

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I only know Breaking Bad, and absolutely love it!! Have watched the 4 Seasons so far, and i agree that Bryan Cranston is amazing, how his character has developped since Season 1!!!

I also love how that series is filmed, and the gorgeous colors...

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