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31 736 Hi counters! Show tonight!!


In the last couple of days, we went over the city. We started looking for first floors, due to the difficulties to get an activity licence in mezzanines. We saw several things, but the most interesting were these ones I'm going to show you. Now we're going to wait to monday, as we have a meeting in a different organism. We've been told that there they have premises to promote entrepreneurship, and maybe they can offer something for us to use. Then we'll decide which one of the premises we prefer. On the other hand, the initial cost of the architect report + activity licence + capital to make the business etc., it is a bit to high and risky for us to pay right now. So we may start just entering the premises and setting a shop online, while we enter those programs of development of entreprises and those advisors help us to start. And now we'll start with the project and the web page and the name and drawing and that.


So the last mezzanine we saw: very big and with another hidden space in the back, also another room with a window, the bath and a little terrace. The owner would paint and take care of everything. 300 euros




A first floor of 90 m2. It has a terrace in the back. All ready, but the location is a bit far away from the town centre. 300 euros

11703035_10207553231498552_8355294306932  11709378_10207553231738558_3239566753130




The last one, a first floor that is smaller, just 50-60 m2, but it has a bathroom, two little rooms, and it was also a hairdresser so it has drainers. The owner says 300 euros but it could be negotiable.





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