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Today we had another meeting with another advisor. In short, they give some good information, but we don't trust them all entirely. Because they keep pushing on us some grants with a shady side.


In the case of the other day's advisors, we've read the small print, and it says that we must compromise (at some unknown point) to create some kind of business, but they have not informed us about the responsibility that each one of the legal forms entails. Some businesses forms entail unlimited responsibility: if all goes wrong, you take responsibiliy with your patrimony and your family's patrimony for the rest of your life and your heirs's life.


In the case of today's advisor, they offer some grants but they are all loans from banks. Sorry but we don't want anything to do with the bankers  because if it fails, we will be delinquent debtors. They didn't inform us about the responsibilities neither.


SO - Thursday afternoon - appointment with a total badass lawyer who is a friend of my father.

AND Tomorrow we're going in search and capture of the council's quantity surveyor as we don't want anybody messing with the building

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