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31 810 Hi U2LAWoman!! Show day tonight B)


Today, we had cold water thrown over us, as we took a friend architect to the premises to tell us what had to be done, and then we called the owner to make sure he would make the renovation, but he started doubting and backing down, suggesting to change the door only, and even suggesting us to pay for it, instead of the rent. I know he didn't sign a contract but it was not what we talked about and it was annoying because he has a right to chage his mind but we don't like him to "stall"


So we turned to other options, specially to some of the council studios that are available for starting entrepreneurs for less than 25 euros a month, for a maximun of four years. We would enter in a development program they have - I've been told they give good advise, but we will also be advised about legal issues by the lawyer we are going to on thursday. I got the telephone of the woman who is the boss in that service, and she told me to deliver the form in a panic as she said they take the proposals in order of arrival. Then we will see :P


We can also keep looking for something, but maybe it's important to start to create the website, drawing etc. Patience.

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