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1 - let's start again!

10046 Hi Chris I am on holidays and had not too much time to come here, I was in Porto the last two days

8422 Zhivvy, cover your eyes now for just a moment please and do not read this post . . . .    Pain, it's no wonder you couldn't understand Zhivvy over the phone, she's ENGLISH! And not just English

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32241 so sorry that your having a horrible time if you need my help and good weather just ask me i will be definitely a paulys girl and help i like secrets and hate injustices... :)

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32249 i got to bed this arvo really tired so in my black and brown chequered top and black and pink pants tried to go to sleep but couldnt then it started to pour down with rain and yes another stormy day so im just listening to the radio after been chatting to my mum about things....

what do you think

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