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   Hello ! I trust everyone is great !!!    Don't worry ! Enjoy today ! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it !!!.......


   Yes, Tan....I will read your posts here later !!!

   And did you say FOG ?  I have made a fog-related  drawing....But am not very confident to post it....so ......

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37 469 I arrived to the workshop today and I started to give shape to the girl and I was making something like a "bottle" and I liked the shape so I started trying to embed leaves on it to make a texture. But the teacher came and started to manipulate it, and started to change the shape, and I saw it was bending to one side so it was not vertical anymore. I told that to him and he said, yes, yes, but he continued. And I saw it was starting to have weird lumps on it and I didn't like that, I prefered the bottle shape  and told him to stop and he thankfully went away. Because of all the handling while it was wet, some crack appeared and the base was bending and almost crumbles, so I had to work like emergency and I rolled up newspaper and put it inside cutting it to the right shape. Then I slowly worked it back to have the saped I wanted and fortunately I got to set it straight again but I will finish the shape tomorrow as I want it to be a little more narrow in the upper part. Hopefully I will be able to advance tomorrow as we have 4 hours.


By a hair! :mellow:


37472 Apparently some teachers are annoying ^_^


:P  :P  


37 473 It's not going to ruin my day, anyway! I might take out the girl home for this weekend though :rolleyes:


    Don't let him ruin your great ART-work, TAN !!!! Do it YOUR way !!!! Always..... Only take advice if you consider someone might be right....By your own standards !!!

    Oh and...Hehehe....Wish I could take the girl home for this weekend............

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I was working today and I learnt a couple of things:


The porcelain paper might not suit me for the figure modelling work, because it doesn't have the plasticity that normal clay has, and also it dries really fast so I would not be able to work on the figure for days or weeks, as I did with the last clay figure I made. It takes time to make the details I want to make, and I wouldn't be able to get that shape. To work with this porcelain paper, it would be necessary to work continously one day after another before it rots, but the workshop is only open a few hours 4 days a week. With normal clay, when you need to leave you just put plastic on it, and it keeps the moisture until you come back.


I wonder if I would be able to work with papier maché, with no porcelain, though. Something to try someday... :P


I managed to make the cilynder with the textures but - The next time I make a figure and I want a hollow part on it, it will be like a " long skirt" instead of a "dress", because the upper part of the body as a cilynder plate is not malleable to get a proportioned shape of the body later. There will be a joint between the "skirt" and the upper part of the body.


I don't know but I think you cannot make a "skirt" of porcelain paper and then the body with clay. I think the figure will have to be all in clay.


Finally I was having some fun and I made some flowers. Porcelain paper is really good to make really thin things, like paper! :P

   I tried to understand everything properly but It is kind of difficult.....I really want to SEE the results !!! Make great art, TAN !!!!!  You're awesome !

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