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1 - let's start again!

10046 Hi Chris I am on holidays and had not too much time to come here, I was in Porto the last two days

8422 Zhivvy, cover your eyes now for just a moment please and do not read this post . . . .    Pain, it's no wonder you couldn't understand Zhivvy over the phone, she's ENGLISH! And not just English

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5194 Well soon I must go to sleep in case I get any calls I dont want to miss them but I think I will sleep with the radio in case they play U2 soon would like to hear a song at least but looks like its not gonna happen.

Took three herbal sleeping tablets so must be tired soon I hope otherwise my family will have to take the calls lol

Right now their playing celebrate good times, I hate that song, I dont know why lol

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5196 Thank you, right now there playing Joey, I love that song, normally I sing to it, but im tired now, song finished and now blue jean is playing kewl song, hello to you been nice chatting to you, good night..

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