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-3Mnths Of A Paid Dry Sub Back?


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It was promised in the linear notes of HTDATB......so come on boys...give us Mercy....please don't tease with "several cd n the can", you have millions waiting to CONFIRM and REJOICE your RELEVANCANCY.



Mercy as PROMISED in the HTDATB linear notes...you've neve been one to tease in that way...THAT for u2 is RELVANT TO YOU AS WHO YOU HAVE BEEN AND I HOPE WILL BE.


I paid to renew my PAID SUBscription and take the grief to explain to  agencies providing food stamps and to avoid foreclosing on our home....so show me why I paid  $40 for what I can't othwewise get-news, pics, videos-off the web...


we LOVE u2...give us u2......and u2 that CANNOT BE FOUND W/O A PAID MEMBERSHIP...A RECYCLED CD IS NOT WORTH $40..and each and everyone of you know that......

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well, I must say that the 3 month wait was pretty depressing...


seriously wish I could get some credit towards my new membership, as it doesnt expire until april.


so I was paying for 3 months I couldnt use the community...


a place that was keeping me alive and kicking most days.

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