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Help Wanted From Technie


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could use some help from someone who's good in puter-things: i want to edit my profilepage (which sucks at the moment cause all my nice pics and story are gone) and first thing i try is to upload a profilpic, but keeps telling me my pics are to big: more then 200KB. i tried several diffferent pics, but kept getting same message. and sure i'm not that heavy??? zhiv would even say i'm a skinny leprechaun with a bony ass....

can anyone tell me what i'm doin wrong? or how i can change the KB kb of my pics?

and why did i never get that message in 'old zoo'? all my pics worked fine before?


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Hi Barbara, welcome back! I found uploading images in here was a bit hit and miss, some of my images were too big. Do you have Photoshop? I change sizes of images in photoshop and upload them to photo bucket to get them to work in here. The New Zoo forum has some help/ notification threads to assist with problems, you may get a techie reply quicker in there. Hope it gets sorted.

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You can check the image size in pixels and the size in kb in an image editor before uploading it.

Photoshop would be considered the standard for this job, but it's quite expensive... fortunately there are several options:

- If you use PC: You can use Paint - but be aware that it's very basic. You can download and install an image editor - there are tons of these and some of it are free to use. One of these is paint.net

- if you use Mac: Again, there's a lot of options too - one is Pinta

- if you don't want to install software, you can use an online editor, like Pixlr

There are also many image editors for mobile platforms (iPhone, Android) and tablets (iPad, Android)... 


This list is in no way exhaustive... for more, you can google "image editors" and find one you like it.


With these tools you can experiment with size in px/size in kb... Here is a tutorial on image resolution / pixel dimensions and document size that can be of help...


If there's an specific question, please ask...

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i did use paint, max, with help from my smart boy, but wouldnt work. whats worse.... it inspired him to do a bit of 'photoshopping' on my pic and those who know me on FB can check out the result of that :rolleyes:

but then i tried another pic which i uploaded from fb and it worked fine, even tho there's a really big-headed friend of mine in it?! the god of cyber works in mysterious ways... but thanx for replying!

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