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Bono Ranks Among Forbes' Most Influential Celebrities


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Besides being one of the world’s biggest rock stars, Bono has long been an outspoken and passionate advocate for social change, so it’s no surprise that the U2 frontman has landed on Forbes2013 Most Influential Celebrities list. The singer finished in eighth place on the tally, and was the only luminary from the music world to crack the top 10.


The ranking are based on calculations devised by the E-Poll Research company E-Score Celebrity service, which compiles the list using 46 different attributes. Bono scored a 37 percent influential rating, with his most notable attribute being “activist.”


Here is the entire top 10 of Forbes‘ Most Influential Celebrities, along with their ratings and most prominent attributes:


1. Oprah Winfrey, 48 percent, compassionate
2. Steven Spielberg, 47 percent, interesting
3. Martin Scorsese, 42 percent, dynamic
4. Ron Howard, 41 percent, down to earth
5. George Lucas, 41 percent, trend-setter
6. Dr. Mehmet Oz, 40 percent, good energy
7. Barbara Walters, 37 percent, classy
8. Bono, 37 percent, activist
9. Suze Orman 37 percent, good energy
10. Clint Eastwood, 36 percent, unique


Copyright 2013 ABC News Radio

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Hes into everything and is involved and shares himself so much into everybody that hes almost got nothing left to give to his wife but sex, pretty dismal if you ask me but thats the rich life and popularity if you ask me

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