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Fan Freak Out!


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I'm not prone to freaking out. I don't get overly excited about anything. I do not jump up and down and squeal. I don't hyperventilate and cry at the sight of the fellas when they take to stage.


I'm a knee slapper and belly laugher. I beam from ear to ear with joy when they take to stage and my heart swells with fun but that's about it.


And I am prefacing all of this because I don't want people thinking I've turned loopy with what I'm about to tell you. Because there might be new people reading this over here on the dark side that will assume, if I don't preface with this bit, that I am one of THOSE girl fans. And I'm not.


I've been dreaming about Adam lately. Twice in about 10 days. 


NOT those kind of dreams!!! Interesting ones though.


In fact, I think historically, it's Adam that I have had dreams about. Maybe Bono once but definitely Adam before. Here's the one I remember most vividly.


I was wandering around Dublin. I had no idea where I was but it was sort of a street market with partial indoor shops and outdoor vendors. It was cool and overcast but not winter. There were a lot of interesting people around - unique dress, unique music being played, unique food smells. One of those markets where you can get a batik imported from India from the stall right next to your elderly lady neighbour selling homemade tea cozies.




Adam walked by. I was like, 'Huh ... fun.'


So I followed him and he smelled good. There was a trail of whatever scent he wore or just is that I was following. I would catch glimpses of him here and there and then loose him again but every time I lost sight of him


I would look around and find myself somewhere new and interesting and forget about him and investigate where I was.


I think I bought a drum and some bread and a few other things I don't remember. And every once in a while I'd see him walk by and take off after him, not chasing him, but just following in his direction figuring he must go to interesting places.


At one point after loosing sight of him, I was standing in a guitar shop and there were all these local musicians sitting around testing out various guitars and the air was filled with all of this amazing music and Adam walked by


so I headed out of the store and into what seemed like a square of some sort that had a ceiling but it wasn't walled in so the cool air was breezing through and peoples' shoes were echoing on the stone floor and he stepped onto an elevator and I remember thinking, 'Well, that was fun but I guess I can't walk after him anymore.'


So I went to a public washroom that was in the square and the floor was flooding and it was so gross so I took my purchases and went back to the comic book store and smelled all of the old paper and it was fun again.There were piles and piles of magazines and record albums and comic books everywhere making isles and covering most of the floor and unique looking people about. And then I looked out the second story window- it was an old heritage building of some sort that I was in - and the sun peeked out from behind clouds


And I woke up.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd analyze! GO!


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hmmmmmm I greatly dislike shopping though if i had to, an open air market would be where I'd go


I believe I was eating mini Easter Cream Eggs and


I met with a financial planner about that on Monday!!! Enough already, I said. I announced I'd be in Ireland by 40 and i'm fast headed for 41. I'm missing my own damn deadline. So he's working on some numbers for me.  heehee I might just pull it off

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