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Just Need A Little Rant


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it was raspberry pink for Christmas - i did love that colour! 

Have been burgundy and purple too in the past

Not thought of oange - not sure if i could pull that off :)

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Yes you know the friend I mean Gibbo you have met her. A great person apart from political views.

And yes when she is next over you and Lin could come down - we could have an interestig debating evening :)

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Under her rule it was bad for a lot of people - the manual workers, the working classes. The wealthy in general prospered more. In many ways it really was a case of the rich getting richer. 


One quote in the papers was a very good one:

'if you opposed Thatcher's ideas it was likely because of their lack of compassion, which is really just a word for love. If love is something you cherish, it is hard to glean much joy from death, even in one's enemies.' - i really can relate to this and find it very true.


And we're now suffering the same old Tory shite, which is a blue print of the witches past. Take a look at our cuts due to inept government spending.

Copeland cuts confirmed

by Andrew Clarke

Last updated at 13:09, Friday, 22 February 2013

A DEVASTATING cull of services in Copeland has been confirmed.

Almost every service cut proposed by Copeland Council will happen, it was decided at a budget-setting meeting last night (Thursday). These include the closure of Whitehaven’s tourist information centre and all the borough’s public toilets, as well as the cancellation of Christmas lights, the concessionary travel scheme and doorstep collections of cardboard and plastic recycling.

The council will also withdraw funding to North Country Leisure (NCL), the operators of Whitehaven Civic Hall and Cleator Moor Bowls and Sports Centre, and both venues will close unless alternative financial arrangements are found; the Civic in November and the Bowls Centre in April.

Funding will also be reduced to two other NCL-managed facilities, Whitehaven Sports Centre and Copeland Swimming Pool, but these are expected to remain open, albeit with potential reduced opening hours and increased charges.

The council will also withdraw funding to The Beacon museum, although talks are ongoing between the council and Sellafield Ltd to keep this facility running.

It will reduce the frequency of public grass cutting, and remove street furniture (seating, bollards, gazebos etc) and public flower displays. Charges will also increase for council-owned car parks, cemeteries and crematoriums.

The only service to be spared the axe is garden (brown bin) collections. These collections will continue, but will cease during winter months. Plans to charge residents for having black bins replaced have been scrapped.

Copeland Council has been forced to slash services after having a third of its budget cut by the government. It was the eighth-worst-hit council in the country and must save around £3 million by 2015.

Christmas lights in Whitehaven, Cleator Moor and Cleator will continue this year and next but stop in 2015. All the other cuts will be introduced in April.

Around 20 jobs will be lost in the cuts, a reduction from the anticipated 30 to 40. However, a number of employees have already left and will not be replaced.

Elaine Woodburn, leader of Copeland Council, said: "This is the worst report I have ever had to put before the council, and this is not a good day for Copeland.

"This budget will diminish the quality of life of the people we represent, but we have no choice but to introduce it. But this is not Copeland's decision - it was made in Downing Street."

There had been hopes that some more of the under-threat services could have been saved, but just before Christmas the grant the council received from the government was revealed to be even lower than anticipated.

David Moore, leader of Copeland's Conservative group, said: "Despite these cuts, there are things in Copeland to be proud of, and it's time we - as councillors - earned our crust and carried out some hard work in our communities."

Copeland formally proposed the cuts in October, and they were sent out for public consultation. The response included 280 completed questionnaires, over 30 individual letters, three petitions and online protest groups.

The council continues to urge community groups to step forward and take on some of the services that the council will no longer pay for, and chief executive Paul Walker says that negotiations are ongoing with a number of interested parties.

However, the proposed partnership between The Beacon and Sellafield has been made public and it will see the facility run as a visitor centre, possibly with a tourist information centre incorporated. A formal agreement must be reached by April this year.

Prior to the meeting, the mayor of Copeland sent best wishes on behalf of the council to its communications manager, Ian Curwen, who suffered a broken back in a cycling accident at the weekend. Peter Tyson said: "All members send their best wishes to Ian for a full and speedy recovery."


The following will happen on April 1:

  • Whitehaven tourist information centre will close
  • Public toilets will close, including James Street (Whitehaven), Cleator Moor Square, Chapel Street (Egremont) and St Bees foreshore
  • grass cutting on open spaces reduced to one or two cuts a year (down from 14)
  • the concessionary travel scheme will be withdrawn
  • plastic and cardboard recycling will not be collected from doorsteps
  • car park charges to go up by 22p for one hour, and 70p for four hours
  • a 15 per cent increase on cemetery prices, and a 12 per cent increase for the crematorium. Increases will also be made to some taxi licence charges.
  • flower tubs and public displays will be removed, and street furniture not replaced when it reaches the end of its life
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That is a sad article to read Andrew. Towns are just being neglected and not cared for anymore. The closure of leisure centres etc...I remember a few years back the swimming pool here was always full with the free swimming for under 16s. Tories got in and was scrapped in weeks and back to empty pool - yes meant could swim as no annoying teens there but sad to see it being stopped.

There is a protest march in my town today for the hospital. Everyone will have seen stafford hospital on the news. Yes it had major problems but those have been adressed and it has improved immensley. But now there is no A&E between 8pm-8am = Wolverhampton 40 mins away is the closest and now they want to put the hospital into administration and close the A&E completely as well as maternity and other services - just stupid. And they want to sell it to a private company, the first moves to abolish the nhs for sure.

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